Sunday, May 12, 2013

Drew ~ Echoes of Pain (Prod. by Relta) {Music Video}

All the love I've been receiving, the support I've been receiving, the advice and everything else is unexplainable.   You guys aren't just fans.  You need to understand that we're in this shit together.  This is a movement for the kids from the 5 boroughs who feel like their stories need to be told.  This is us, this is ours, this our coast.  I'm just trying to genuinely do my best to represent us the right way.  This shit is a movement. 5 Borough Kids check me out...Drew....just another 5 Borough Kid like you.  

This song is coming from one of the darkest, emotional and most real places of my heart.  The story is relatable in so many ways and I made sure that you can express yourself in a very real way.  I know how it feels to have things bottled up inside...not knowing how to get it out, trust me.  It doesn't help what so ever and I learned that the hard way.  So with that said, if you can't find a way to explain yourself when it comes to heartbreak, betrayal etc. I hope this could help you express yourself.  A gateway to some closure with yourself in a sense so that you can move on.  Thank you again.   - Drew




Monday, May 6, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Drew ~ "Triumphant" (Prod. by Apparition)

This shit is a movement, was never just about the music.  5BK.  - Drew

Prod. by Apparition.  As it always should be.

*(Fellow independent artists) *
If you're looking for a sick instrumental like this one check out Apparition @

Giancarlo Llaverias (G) ~ {Beyonce - Love On Top} (Cover)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Righteous & Jay Prine ~ Constellation Duo Mix Tape

Before Drews' track ("One") was dropped.  The I.AM.MCs' Righteous, along with Kollege Cidz' Jay Prince, constructed an AMAZING duo mix tape that is still talked about today!!  Everybody who's checking out the team now take a look at our teams 1st mix tape!   Including features from every one of I.AM.MCs' members (Spade, Giancarlo, Slim Goody and Drew), the mix tape has every taste of Hip Hop and RnB to the fullest extent with a little taste of some unique sounds.  Check it out and download the mix tape for FREE right here!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One (Prod. by Omito) - Drew

      I'm glad you guys took the time to check out the teams new HQ for music. Keeping it short, I just wanted to say that it's been a crazy journey of lies, betrayal, good times, bad times and heartbreak. New friends and the loss of old ones. Yet with all that happening I always made sure I found one way out of the misery to prosper and take control of my destiny. All I ever needed was my will. So with that said, off of my mix tape, "This Is My Art", one of many tracks I love to blast in the whip and sing along to..I give you "One" prod. by Omito.  (FREE FOR DOWNLOAD)  You could find is amazing beats on youtube if you just type Omito in the search bar. Enjoy the music and show love. Much love.